At Sharon's School of Dance we're not into secrets, we like to be completely upfront about the in's and out's of your child's journey through dance. We know choosing a studio is tough, and with so many great options we want to make sure you get all the information you need from us. Below you will find a sample of our offered classes--not all options are listed, as we have slots for privates, duets, trios, wedding choreography, flash mobs, etc. If there is something you want but do not see it listed, then contact us immediately and we will do everything we can to find the class that is a perfect fit for you based on age and interest. 


Call Studio for the available times

Twinkle Star 2/3 - ballet, tap, tumbling- 30 min.

Twinkle Star 3/4- ballet, tap, tumbling- 45 min.

Twinkle Star 4/5- ballet, tap, tumbling- 45 min.

Show Stars Combo - ballet, tap - 60 min.

Lyrical - 45 min.

Jazz  -30- 45 min.

Hip Hop - 45 min.

Technique -30- 45 min. 

Classical Ballet - 45 min.

Pointe - 30 min.

Young Adult- lyrical, jazz - 60 min

Adult Ballet - 60 min.

Adult Tap- 60 min

We will also start a class for you and 4 of your friends if there is available times.


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1 class weekly     -  $60.00 monthly

2 classes weekly - $100.00 monthly

3 classes weekly - $130.00 monthly

4 classes weekly - $160.00 monthly 

Unlimited classes weekly $180.00 monthly 

( Unlimited only applies to regular weekly scheduled classes. Does not apply to special event classes) 

​Unlimited Family - $300.00 monthly