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Sharon's School of Dance was started by Triad native, Sharon Lanouette at the age of 16. With humble beginnings it started in 1975 in her parents basement, then 2 years later was moved to her fathers hardware store, located in Clemmons. For the past forty two years, she has been teaching young women and men the values of life and self through dance.  Miss Sharon is less entwined with building an empire, but rather a safe house of expression for all who walk through her doors.  Her love of dance and the personal training she gives the students is what makes this studio exceptionally unique. She teaches manners, respect and the love of dance, no matter what level of dance you are on. Sharon's School of Dance is a studio rooted in building family connected through dance. The locations may change, the floors may scuff, but the values of discipline and happiness have always stayed the same for Miss Sharon.