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​You've made the decision to enroll at Sharon's School of Dance--we cannot tell you how excited we are to have you as our cast member. The show could not go on without you, but life is messy and we understand that. We also understand that sometimes our schedules don't line up with yours. Throughout our 42 years, we've realized that communication between instructor and parent is vital to getting the most out of your child's experience. So, we've created this space to help parents stay in touch with paperwork and tuition. Here you will find PDF downloads of those pesky handouts we're always sending home to you (or a place to find the ones that may have never made it to you in the first place). You will also find our newest system in tuition payment. This helps clarify frequent tuition questions while allowing ease of payment from wherever your busy life takes you. We have also made it much easier to order your required supplies for class , and the extra special things you want but may not need on line at our storefront. Now you can register for your class, see your supply list, order your supplies, and pay tuition while never leaving your couch. Well, that is until classes start and then you can do all the above while watching your precious one show off her or his latest moves.